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Thank you for attending TEDx Leiden University 2019!

On Sunday 12th May 2019, we held our second ever TEDx conference. It was a huge success, starring 8 inspiring speakers and an enthusiastic audience. 

More photos of the event can be found here

Stay tuned for TEDxLU 2020!

The theme of TEDxLeidenUniversity was Through a New Lens


In our modern world we can be so busy and caught up in ourselves that we sometimes leave prejudices and stale ideas unchallenged in our minds. We took a day to leave our preconceptions at the door and enjoy intellectual challenges with old friends and new. TEDxLU aims for the people of Leiden and The Hague to gain a new perspective on diverse topics and illuminate fresh possibilities about the world around us.


When we look ‘Through a New Lens’ we can discover beauty where we previously saw only function, purpose where we used to see nothing.


Please note we are no longer accepting applications for speakers. 


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